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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Virtual Sunday services are available here

The NUUF Building is closed and all in-person Sunday services and other events and building uses are cancelled until further notice.


BOARD of DIRECTORS (2019-2020)

President Randy Wendt 2018-2020
Secretary Pam Thul-Immler 2019-2021
Treasurer Kate Rahimzadeh 2019-2021
Directors at Large Constance Downey 2018-2020
Directors at Large Connie Lefebvre 2019-2021


STANDING COMMITTEES: These committees are created by the By-laws of the Fellowship.

Don Roberts - Chair, Kate Rahimzadeh - Treasurer, Alan VanRaalte, Terry Hoyt, and Randy Wendt, President.

Spirituality (Program) Committee The Spirituality (Program) Committee facilitates Sunday programming, including both fellowship and outside presentations; serves as a resource for program ideas and formats; selects and arranges dates for visiting ministers/speakers; seating arrangements, recording of the service and other supplies and items needed for the Sunday program; and coordinates with the treasurer the payment of the speakers and with the Publicity Committee to publicize the program, and arranging housing for visiting ministers and speakers.  The committee works to develop the musical portion of worship services.  It is responsible for the tuning and repairing the piano and organ.  It also reviews and acquires sheet music including hymnal supplements.

Religious Education Committee (Adult and Children) this committee is responsible for setting up programs to help the children of the fellowship to develop their own spiritual beliefs and ethics.  The committee recruits teachers, adopts curricula, budgets and orders supplies and equipment for classrooms and coordinates childcare for religious services.  The committee is also responsible for the adult religious education program that runs on the alternate Sundays from our regular services.  Terry Hoyt, Barbara Beutler, Candy Sorensen, and Dick Fields.

Membership Committee This committee welcomes newcomers and visitors, providing them with information on the fellowship and Unitarian-Universalism.  The committee also provides new member orientation, maintains the stock of literature and name tags, and maintains the visitor’s book and fellowship member’s book.  It is also responsible for updating the membership and friend’s list.  This committee has now also taken over the duties of what had been the Publicity Committee.  This committee produces the fellowship newsletter and disseminates fellowship news and announcements to members and friends, provides local newspapers with timely articles about the fellowship and its activities, develops and implements an annual advertising campaign, and maintains the fellowship website.

Cheryl Hanson - Chair, Candy Sorensen, Constance Downey, Joan Hauer, Patty Buehler, Terry Hoyt and Barb Kane

Social Justice Committee This committee provides leadership in the membership in expressing liberal religious ethics in action.  The committee promotes community action on social issues to help support the principles, purposes and resolutions of Unitarian-Universalism makes information available to the fellowship and surrounding community about social justice issues, and encourages social action at local, state, national and international levels.

Nancy Johnson - Chair, Cheryl Hanson, Ginny Metzdorf, Sharon Reilly, Brianna Kubinek, Connie Lefebvre and Catherine Joppa.



Building and Grounds This committee oversees the basic upkeep and repair of the fellowship building and exterior property, including landscaping, snow plowing, cleaning, painting and minor equipment repairs, and maintains cleaning supplies. 

Sharon Reilly - Chair, Terry Hoyt, Ann Sorensen, Walt Jones, Mike Haasl, Cara Hettich, and Marjorie Scaffidi. 

Aesthetics and Gifts Committee  This committee provides thoughtful coordination and/or facilitation of all changes that affect the appearance and ambience of the building and its grounds.  Its primary goals are to create a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment; collaborate on any material changes with the Building and Grounds Committee and the Board when needed; receive and archive material gifts.

Jana Mirs - Chair, Cara Hettich – Liaison with the Building and Grounds Committee, Toni Lieppert Polfus, Celeste Gonder, and Pam Thul-Immler.

Care Committee This committee provides support and comfort to members and friends during times of bereavement, provides support to people who are ill or disabled and, as appropriate, alerts the fellowship to services that might be needed by others and arrange for them to be performed.

Joan Hauer - Co-Chair, Mary Beth O’Halloran - Co-Chair, Toni Lieppert Polfus, Pam Thul-Immler, Mary Ann Fields, Frank Patin, Judi Maloney and Connie Lefebvre


Hospitality Committee This committee is responsible for Sunday coffee hour, volunteer sign ups, coffee hour supplies, coordination of the potluck at the annual meeting, other fellowship pot-lucks.  This committee also initiates and arranges indoor and outdoor social events for the membership. 

Candy Sorensen - Chair, Terry Hoyt, Nancy Johnson, Janice Reed, and Suzy Foster.


Memorial Garden Committee This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Memorial Garden.  The committee develops landscaping, prepares a budget, maintains the records of the garden, and coordinates arrangements for the memorial plaques. 

Bob Hanson - Chair, Barb Mochon, Teress Toigo, Kate Rahimzadeh and Judi Maloney.



Endowment Funds Committee This committee makes recommendations for expenditure of endowment funds in accordance with guidelines approved by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting or Special Congregational Meeting.  This committee shall consist of three elected members serving staggered three-year terms.  The President, Randy Wendt, and Treasurer, Kate Rahimzadeh, shall serve as voting ex-officio members.  The committee shall elect its own chair. 

Elected members are Judi Maloney, (2020), Barb Mochon (2022), and Bob Hanson (2021).


Investment Committee This committee is responsible for the safekeeping, investment and reinvestment of all endowment funds.  Its authority is specifically set out in Article X. of the Fellowship By-laws.  This committee shall consist of three members selected by the Board, serving staggered three year terms, and two voting ex-officio members, the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair. Kate Rahimzadeh (Treasurer), Mel Hoff (2021) – Chair, Don Roberts (Finance Committee Chair), Faye Calvey (2020), and Bev Strauss (2021).


Nomination Committee This committee of three members is selected at the annual meeting and is responsible for finding candidates for Board and certain committee positions at the following year’s meeting.  2020 members are Dick Fields, Joan Hauer, and Sharon VanRaalte