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"A living tradition is not bequeathed through some law of inheritance; it must be earned, not without dust and heat, and not without humbling grace."
—James Luther Adams (1901–1994), minister

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, founded in January 1989, is a relatively new religious group in northern Wisconsin. We are a chartered member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Unitarian Universalist Association grew out of the consolidation in 1961 of two religious denominations: the Universalists, organized in 1793, and the Unitarians, organized in 1825.

  • We believe in the freedom of religious expression. We believe that personal experience, conscience and reason should be the final authorities in religion. In the end, religious authority lies not in a book or person or institution, but in ourselves.
  • We uphold the free search for truth. We are not bound by a statement or belief, nor do we ask anyone to ascribe to a creed.
  • We believe in the toleration of religious ideas. All religions, in every age and culture, possess not only intrinsic merit, but also a potential value for those who have learned the art of listening. We believe that religious wisdom is ever changing. We celebrate unfolding truths known to teachers, prophets and sages throughout the ages.
  • We affirm the worth and dignity of each human being. All people on earth have an equal claim to life, liberty, and justice. We know people differ in their opinions and life-styles, and believe these differences generally should be honored.
  • We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion. The here and now and the effects our actions will have on future generations deeply concern us. We know that our relationships with one another, with other people, races, and nations, should be governed by justice, equity and compassion.

We welcome anyone who is sympathetic with our purposes to become a member of our Fellowship. To become a member of the Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship you need only to sign the Membership Book and make an annual contribution of record. Membership is open to all persons 18 years of age or older regardless of race, color, gender, affectional or sexual orientation, or national origin.

Upcoming Events

Summer Solstice Bonfire!! All are Welcome!
Jun 21 * 08:00PM
Sunday Service - Rev. Phil Sweet
Jun 24 * 10:00AM
Women's Discussion Group (10:00am at NUUF)
Jun 26 * 10:00AM
Adult R.E.
Jul 01 * 10:00AM
Sunday Service - Laura Erickson
Jul 08 * 08:00AM
Adult R.E.
Jul 15 * 10:00AM
Sunday Service - Rev. Erv Teichmiller
Jul 22 * 08:00AM
Adult R.E.
Jul 29 * 10:00AM
Adult R.E.
Aug 12 * 10:00AM
Adult R.E.
Aug 26 * 10:00AM


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