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Newsletter of the Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Woodruff, WI

Volume 16, Number 3 –September 2014


We Are a Welcoming Congregation


Upcoming Services

Services are on alternate Sundays at 10 AM

September 7: Rev. Denise Tracy: "Prayers for the Earth Based on the Seventh Principle this service will be a meditation on our planet and the idea that the earth is our most important home.

September 21: Dr. Adul Rabbani: "Islam:  A Complete Code for Life:  The chief characteristic of Islam is that it makes no distinction between the spiritual and the secular in life. Its aim is to shape both individual lives as well as society as a whole in ways that will ensure that the Kingdom of Allah may really be established on earth and that peace, contentment and well-being may fill the world. The Islamic way of life is thus based on a unique concept of man’s place in the universe. That is why it is necessary that, before we discuss the moral, social, political and economic systems of Islam, we should have a clear idea of what that concept is.

Dr. Rabbany, originally from Bangladesh, lives in Rhinelander where both he and his wife work for Frito Lay as IT manager and Molecular Genomics Scientist respectively.  He is also the director of the Islamic Society of Central Wisconsin, located in Marshfield.


Adult R.E.: Adult RE is on alternate Sundays at 10 AM. We are presently studying: Sceptics and Believers: Religious Debate in the Western Intellectual Tradition

Men's Group: There will be a meeting of the Men’s Group on Monday, Sept. 8, 6:00 PM, at the home of Frank Patin – 11349 Hungry Lake Driver, Minocqua, 715/356-7834. Please bring a dish to pass and your beverage of choice.

Presentations by Sharon Reilly:  I will be presenting these programs as part of the Nicolet College Learning in Retirement Lecture Series. Both programs are at 1pm (on the dates below) at Pine Lake Town Hall in Rhinelander.

If anyone missed my presentation at NUUF on the Passenger Pigeon, here's an opportunity to see again. 

Sept 29 Passing Through: The Ill-Fated Story of the Passenger Pigeon. 

We are all passing through life as individuals and as species. 2014 is the centenary anniversary of the death of Martha, the last surviving Passenger Pigeon. To mark the anniversary of this extraordinary extinction, Reilly will review the history of the Passenger Pigeon, its natural history and behavior, and discuss what caused this species, the most abundant bird in North America, to became extinct. The presentation will also discuss the lessons learned from 100 years of conservation and wildlife management. Reilly is a wildlife biologist with 30 years of experience working to save some of the rarest birds on the planet. The Passenger Pigeon is now a symbol of our failure to act soon enough to avert a wildlife disaster.

November 17th - For the Birds: Caring for Winter Birds in Northern Wisconsin. 

Learn more about the birds that call the Northwoods their home and in particular, those species hardy enough to survive our long frigid winters. Sharon Reilly, bird expert with 30 years experience as a wildlife biologist with several conservation organizations and agencies, will present information on the types of birds that winter in Northern Wisconsin. Learn more about the challenges these birds face, how to care for them throughout the winter, and how to prevent diseases such as salmonella which can have devastating effects.

To register or see more details about these and other programs, go the following link http://www.nicoletcollege.edu/continuing-education/community-education/learning-in-retirement/current-curriculum/index.html. If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience. Sharon

Dinners at Frederick Place: We will be fixing and serving dinners at Frederick Place on September 21 & 22, 2014. Please contact Diane Reupert if you can help.

President's Message:

After this past weekend, I am even prouder to be a member of this Fellowship! Friday was the Care Committee's gathering to show Joyce Barnes how much we cared for her and gave me the opportunity to tell her directly how much I would miss her. Thank you to Joan Hauer and all her helpers for their excellent job of creating this special event for a special person. This was a heart-warming preamble to our Twenty-fifth Anniversary celebration over the rest of the weekend. Elinore Sommerfeld and all her fellow planning committee members gave us a Saturday gathering with music, food, conviviality and the history of the Fellowship's creation. "Newer" members like me were given a glimpse into the strength and foresight of our charter members. My pride for their association and accomplishments continued to grow. Then Sunday services arrived with the combination of our regular presenters giving us all a sense of the human talent that contributed to our creation. Words of appreciation cannot do justice to the sense of belonging shared with all of us throughout this weekend. As Cheryl said while driving home on Sunday, "I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the founding members for having NUUF here for us." Thank you to Elinore and her planning committee for the wonderfully successful outcomes generated during their year-long effort. This relatively small congregation of members and associate members is a spiritual community I am justifiably proud to claim as my own. Please accept my gratitude to all of you for all that you are. Bob


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Bob Hansen, President



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