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Volume 16, Number 12 – June 2015

 We Are a Welcoming Congregation

Upcoming Services

Services are on alternate Sundays at 10 AM

June 14:  Rev. Mary Beth O'Halloran  The Magic of Language  Rev. Mary Beth O'Halloran will discuss how the words we use create reality, shape relationships, and establish our theology.

June 28:  Rev. Phil Sweet The Religious Impulse  We are alive and we are going to die. Religion is our response to these two realities; we are in fact the religious animal.  The answers we seek have to find meaning beyond our mortality. Death casts a mantle over everything we do. A major conundrum of our life is the tension between embracing and delighting in the world as it is on the one hand and wishing it were different on the other. Truth always comes in pairs; we have to stay loyal to paradox.

Events and Information:

Adult R.E.:  Adult RE is on alternate Sundays at 10 AM. Beginning  May 24, the Adult RE group will see the first of  36 riveting lectures entitled, Exploring the Roots of Religion.  We will be shown how sacred buildings, complexes, tomb structures, and artwork have provided us with unparalleled knowledge about early religion.  For more information, contact Dick Fields.

Newsletter Editor:  We have a new newsletter editor!  Beginning next month, Sharon Reilly will assume the duties of editor.  Please items to her at:  reillyhi@earthlink.net

Attention Singers:  The choir is rehearsing at 9:15 on service Sundays.  Please contact Patty Buehler if you can join us.

Men's Group:  The monthly Men's Group meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 6 PM at the Fellowship.  Ted Rulseh will be the dinner host and Frank Palin will lead the discussion.  Please bring a side dish and your beverage of choice.  All are welcome.

Women's Group:  Women's Discussion group will meet at the Fellowship on June 21st.  For more information call Mary Ann Fields, 715-285-2975. 

NUUF Auction: Good News to All.  There will be our annual fundraiser auction this year.  We have scheduled it for Saturday, June 20th.  For those of you who forget, this is a chance to volunteer a fun activity, service or item to be bid on at a potluck/auction and then to bid on something that suits your fancy.  It’s such a great way to socialize that I can hardly contain myself.  So here’s the deal>  if you have been hankering to host a fabulous get together or to offer your talents in some subtle way—then this is your chance.  Let us know what talent you want to offer up to the bidding delight of untold millions for the benefit of our fabulous Fellowship and then join in the fun and bidding on June 20th starting at 5:00 PM.  Submit your offerings and plan on attending at the NUUF Absolutely Audacious Annual Auction.
Please submit your auction item to the Board at> thoyt@newnorth.net or in person to any Board member: Bob Hanson, Barbara Logan, Diane Reupert, Ginny Metzdorf or Terry Hoyt.  Let the fun begin.

Arts in Our Community
Sharon Reilly will be teaching class, "Exploring Traditional Asian Watercolor Techniques" at Dillman's Resort from May 31 to June 5.  For more information, visit www.dillmans.com/reilly.
Concerts at Jerry and Tara's:  Ceila and Ryan Meisel piano and sax jazz
Saturday, June 13 at 7PM http://www.meiselmusic.net/ryan-meisel/

Frogwater Folk: Friday July 24 4pm on the dock seen from the boathouse or the water http://www.frogwater.us/index.asp

Tara Woolpy's New Novel:  Tara's new novel, "Midnight Supper at the Rise and Shine", a story of love, redemption and healing, is scheduled for release from Bats in the Boathouse Press in late May, 2015. We'll be sending out more information as the release date nears (or visit the webpage www.batsintheboathouse.com). In the meantime, check out the beautiful cover designed by Pat Bickner of A New Leaf Creative Services.

News from the MidAmerica Region:  Selma Revisited

By Rev. Lisa Presley, Congregational Life Consultant
I came to Birmingham and Selma last March to commemorate the events of March 1965, and to be reminded of why it is that racial justice is so crucial. I came home rededicated and recommitted to doing whatever I can to help move us forward as a country to realizing that Black Lives Matter, and that there is much work still left to be done to bring about the equality we UUs believe in so completely.
I'd already been to Birmingham and Selma-in 2013, I joined the UU Living Legacy Pilgrimage to learn about our UU involvement in the Civil Rights movement in the south. It was a transformational experience, with us learning from veterans of the Civil Rights movement-those who had been arrested, those who transported others during the bus boycott, those White clergy who served in African American congregations, children of the martyrs, and more. It helped me understand more deeply the cost of hard won freedom.
The conference of commemoration and recommitment in March was more than I had imagined. We heard from Rev. C.T. Vivian, one of the leaders in Selma 50 years ago; Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP; Opal Tometi, one of the founders of #BlackLivesMatter movement. We had a keynote from Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, who helped us understand what is needed going forward.
In the midst of all the incredible workshops, worship and presentation, there were two parts of the conference that stood out: honoring the families of the Selma martyrs, and marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. ...
Read on at

Midwest Leadership School:   July 12-18, 2015 at the beautiful Beloit College campus for youth and adults.  Register at .

Lynn Deinard                06-03
Ethan Cummings & Jessica Rosenberg    06-07    
Richard Thieret & Wenda Sheard    06-16
Stephanie Perkins            06-18
Celeste and Mike Gonder        06-21
Lynn and David Deinard        06-21
Sue Ferguson                06-23
Faye and Lee Calvey            06-24
Betsy Schussler            06-28
Alan VanRaalte            06-28
Barbara Bratcher            06-30

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