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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Volume 17, Number 1 – July 2015

We Are a Welcoming Congregation

Upcoming Services
Services are on alternate Sundays at 10 AM
July 12 Laura Erickson, The Heart of the Matter.
July 26 Rev. Erv Teichmiller, Who are the Righteous

Events and Information:
Adult R.E.:  *** NO Religious Education at UU on July 5th***.
Generally Adult RE is on alternate Sundays at 10 AM. Topic is "Exploring the Roots of Religion”

SPECIAL PROGRAM in lieu of the ACIM.   Tuesday, July 7th at 6:00 p.m. Erick Boustead (Candace's son) will be sharing a collection of short videos he's produced in the past several years, followed by a discussion. Topics covered in the pieces include racial justice, clean energy economy, immigration, mass incarceration, art criticism and how communities of color and Indigenous communities are taking the future into their own hands. Popcorn and beverages will be served!

Men's Group Meeting:  The Men's Group meeting scheduled for July 21 has been cancelled.  Too much going on in July.

Women's Group:  The Women's Discussion Group sponsored by the Care Committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at the Fellowship.  All members and friends are welcome.  This month’s meeting may change.  For more information contact Mary Ann Fields at 715-385 -2975, or keep an eye out for Mary Ann’s email announcement.  

Women and Religion: Toward a new day...Dedicated to freeing ourselves, others and the Earth from traditional, historical and contemporary oppressive and patriarchal systems, we work together to implement the 1977 UUA Women and Religion Resolution:  examine and put aside sexist assumptions, attitudes and language.  For more information, visit:  www.uuwr.org

ANNUAL MEETING & COMMITTIES:  The annual meeting was held on May 16th. The list of committees is appended to this newsletter as a friendly reminder of the committee you volunteered to serve on.

NUUF Auction:  Auction was held on June 20th.  The results are appended to this newsletter.  
Arts in Our Community
NUUF Art Gallery:  New Exhibit will be going up in August.  All NUUF members are invited to share their artistic talents. Contact Sharon for more details (608-963-0742, reillyhi@earthlink.net).

Sharon Reilly will be teaching an Asian Art class, "Birds and Flowers” (Nicolet continuing education) in Minocqua. First class begins Thurs 7/16, 6-9pm at the Lakeland Union High School Art Room. The 2nd session starts 8/6 same time and place.

Frogwater Folk: Friday July 24 at 4pm on the dock seen from the boathouse or the water http://www.frogwater.us/index.asp

Please let Sharon know if you are showing work, appearing in a performance, have literature/poetry to share.

First Online Renaissance Module: Our Commitment to Online Learning (Ongoing)
By Nancy Combs-Morgan, Congregational Life Consultant

Remaining sessions on July 10, July 24, August 7, and August 21. As part of our MidAmerica commitment to our congregations to provide learning opportunities for religious professionals and lay leaders, we are pleased to announce that Rev. Phillip Lund and I will be co-leading the UU History Renaissance Module this Spring and Summer. As the first online Renaissance Module offering, this engaging learning opportunity has been designed for professional religious educators, especially those in the UUA's RE Credentialing program, but is also open to any leader who wants to go deeper into our rich heritage.  

Previous sessions were held on May 9, May 22, June 5 and June 19.  If you missed any sessions and want to catchup you can view online at

Consider supporting the MidAmerica Region:  MidAmerica Region is building a new era in Unitarian Universalism where UUs visibly live our faith, create connections, grow our membership and welcome all persons who share our UU values.  Visit www.midamericauua.org/friends to add your support.

Midwest Leadership School:   July 12-18, 2015 at the beautiful Beloit College campus for youth and adults.  Register at .


     Our Fellowship is one of a growing number of churches, religious groups, and civic organizations that help finance the efforts of Caritas volunteers to help those in need in our community.

     In May there were 17 new and 11 repeat clients. Volunteers gave 35 referrals to organizations such as the St. Matthias Thrift Shop (which included vouchers for needed items), WHEAP (the energy assistance program in our area), the Personal Products Pantry, Food Pantry, Salvation Army, Holy Family (for rent assistance), Community Table, Tribal Services, the Job Center, ADRC, and Wisconsin Works (W2) Program.

   Also handed out to clients were items such as diapers, wipes, bags of food, vouchers for meat, and diary, & eggs.

    The bulk of monetary assistance given out went to help with WPS bills. A total of $1808.98 was sent to WPS.  In order to get energy bill assistance, a client must meet these three criteria.
    •    Must bring in their current, original bill
    •    Must have some history of personal payment on this bill within the past year
    •    Must have applied to WHEAP, the energy assistance program in our area
Then the client must meet any TWO of the following criteria:
    •    Has children under the age of 15 in the home.
    •    Is elderly and/or disabled
    •    Works minimum wage and/or part-time
    •    There are temporary circumstances that are preventing regular payment of this bill.
    •    Is in the Wisconsin Works (W2) Program.

In addition to disbursements for energy assistance, checks were written to cover a water and sewer bill ($100), Walmart ($115), American Family Insurance ($150), DMV ($39), and Woodruff Appliance ($75).

A total of $55 in Krist gasoline vouchers was given to clients, and clients receiving vouchers for the Thrift shop received $113 in items.

Caritas is open from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, call Barbara Logan at 715-356-3104.  “You will not only be helping community members, but you learn about the many resources that are available to help those in need,”  stressed Barbara, who volunteers there regularly.


Remember that there is a plastic container in the vestibule for your Food Pantry donations.  In addition to non-perishable food items, clothing, toiletries, books, magazines, etc. are accepted.  Bags of dog and cat food are also needed.

We have been assigned 3 dates to have volunteers at the pantry. The first one was June 9.  Jim Hall, Don Roberts, Randy Wendt, and Dwight and Barbara Logan were our UU volunteers for that day.  Our next scheduled date is Tuesday, August 25.  Our third date is November 3.

We also helped to clean the Food Pantry Building on June 23, the fourth Tuesday of the month.  Those grabbing mops, vacuums, brooms, spray bottles and rags included Mel and Kay Hoff, Don Roberts, and Dwight and Barbara Logan.  In just over an hour we swept and mopped or vacuumed the entire interior of the building.   
This past school year we usually had at least three UU volunteers on the fourth Tuesday of the month who volunteered a little over an hour each to help clean the pantry and give a work experience opportunity to two LUHS students. Each week the special education department of Lakeland Union High School sent a teacher’s aide and two cognitively disabled students to help clean the building.  The teacher’s aide worked with the student who vacuumed the carpeted areas. One of us worked with the student, who sprayed and wiped all table -tops, window -sills, door handles, surfaces in the kitchen area, freezer handles, etc.  Our other two UU volunteers cleaned the bathrooms and swept and mopped the entrance and the large storage area in the back of the building.  

Hopefully we can continue to get a work crew together from the Fellowship to clean the Pantry on the fourth Tuesday of the month during the remainder of the summer.  We want the Food Pantry spending money for food and not janitorial services.  Call Barbara Logan at 715-356-3104 if you are excited about joining this civic-minded work crew.  

Lynn Deinard                    06-03
Ethan Cummings & Jessica Rosenberg    06-07    
Richard Thieret & Wenda Sheard        06-16
Stephanie Perkins                06-18
Celeste and Mike Gonder            06-21
Lynn and David Deinard            06-21
Sue Ferguson                    06-23
Faye and Lee Calvey                06-24
Betsy Schussler                06-28
Alan VanRaalte                06-28
Barbara Bratcher                06-30
Bev & Joe Strauss                07-01
Rick & Julie Wambach                07-02
Frank Patin                    07-03
Carol Potter                    07-06
Mary Ann Fields                07-07
Dick and Mary Ann Fields            07-07
Ardis and Herb White                07-10
Teress Toigo                    07-12
Mel and Kay Hoff                07-13
Marilyn Feser                    07-14
Joe Dallapiazza                07-16
Audrey Williams                07-18
Charles & Janice Reed                07-19
Tom Sommerfeld                07-22
Randy Wendt                    07-22
Candy Sorensen                07-24
David Deinard                    07-24
Jacob Collins                    07-27
Harley Erbs                    07-29
Bob & Toni Lieppert Polfus            07-30

NUUF is on Facebook. Our page link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/135173523266925/?ref=br_tf
We're posting pics upcoming events and more.

Annual Meeting & Committees
BOARD of DIRECTORS (2015-2016)
        President        Bob Hanson (2014-2016)
        Secretary        Ted Rulseh (2015-2017)
        Treasurer        Terry Hoyt (2015-2017)
        Directors at Large    Barb Logan (2014-2016)    
Virginia Metzdorf (2015-2017)

STANDING COMMITTEES: These committees are created by the By-laws of the Fellowship.

Finance Committee This committee aids the treasurer in monitoring incomes, expenses, cash flow, assets and financial record keeping of the fellowship, makes recommendations on investments and payments of long term debts, directs the annual budget process, sends periodic pledge statements to members and oversees the annual canvass.
Nancy Bayne, Chair, Terry Hoyt, Treasurer, Bob Hanson, Alan VanRaalte, John Viste, and Randy Wendt.

Spirituality (Program) Committee The Spirituality (Program) Committee facilitates Sunday programming, including both fellowship and outside presentations; serves as a resource for program ideas and formats; selects and arranges dates for visiting ministers/speakers; seating arrangements, cassette tape recording of the service and other supplies and items needed for the Sunday program; and coordinates with the treasurer the payment of the speakers and with the Publicity Committee to publicize the program, and arranging housing for visiting ministers and speakers.  The committee works to develop the musical portion of worship services.  It is responsible for the tuning and repairing the piano and organ.  It also reviews and acquires sheet music including hymnal supplements.
Dick Fields, Chair, Terry Hoyt, Bob Hanson, Nancy Bayne, Alan VanRaalte, Sharon VanRaalte, Tom Sommerfeld, Patty Buehler, and Mary Beth O’Halloran.

Religious Education Committee (Adult and Children) This committee is responsible for setting up programs to help the children of the fellowship to develop their own spiritual beliefs and ethics.  The committee recruits teachers, adopts curricula, budgets and orders supplies and equipment for classrooms and coordinates childcare for religious services.  The committee is also responsible for the adult religious education program that runs on the alternate Sundays from our regular services.  
Barb Logan, Natalia Graf, Mary Beth O’Halloran, Dick Fields, and Terry Hoyt.

Membership Committee This committee welcomes newcomers and visitors, providing them with information on the fellowship and Unitarian-Universalism.  The committee also provides new member orientation, maintains the stock of literature and name tags, and maintains the visitor’s book and fellowship member’s book.  It is also responsible for updating the membership and friend’s list.
Candy Sorensen, Chair, Cheryl Hanson, Joan Hauer, and Patty Buehler.

Social Justice Committee This committee provides leadership in the membership in expressing liberal religious ethics in action.  The committee promotes community action on social issues to help support the principles, purposes and resolutions of Unitarian-Universalism makes information available to the fellowship and surrounding community about social justice issues, and encourages social action at local, state, national and international levels.
Diane Reupert, Chair, Barb Logan, Cheryl Hanson, Candy Sorensen, Kay Hoff, Ginny Metzdorf, John Viste and Connie Lefebvre.


Building and Grounds/Aesthetics and Gifts Committee This committee oversees the basic upkeep and repair of the fellowship building and exterior property, including landscaping, snow plowing, cleaning, painting and minor equipment repairs, and maintains cleaning supplies.  This committee is also responsible for the decorating of the public areas of the building and to consider and record gifts donated for that purpose.
Terry Hoyt, Chair, Frank Patin, Ann Sorensen, Walt Jones, Stephanie Perkins, and Celeste Gonder.

Care Committee This committee provides support and comfort to members and friends during times of bereavement, provides support to people who are ill or disabled and, as appropriate, alerts the fellowship to services that might be needed by others and arrange for them to be performed.
Joan Hauer, Mary Beth O’Halloran, Chair, Pam Thul-Immler, Barb Logan, Mary Ann Fields, and Candace Zahn Cain.

Hospitality Committee This committee is responsible for Sunday coffee hour, volunteer sign ups, coffee hour supplies, coordination of the potluck at the annual meeting, other fellowship pot-lucks.  This committee also initiates and arranges indoor and outdoor social events for the membership.  Barbara Beutler, Janice Reed, Suzy Foster, and Stephanie Perkins.

Publicity Committee This committee produces the fellowship newsletter and disseminates fellowship news and announcements to members and friends, provides local newspapers with timely articles about the fellowship and its activities, develops and implements an annual advertising campaign, and maintains the fellowship website.
Cheryl Hanson, Chair, Candy Sorensen, Pat Bickner, Elinore Sommerfeld, Sharon Reilly and Iris Linder (non-voting).


Endowment Funds Committee This committee makes recommendations for expenditure of endowment funds in accordance with guidelines approved by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting or Special Congregational Meeting.  This committee shall consist of three elected members serving staggered three-year terms.  The President and Treasurer shall serve as voting ex-officio members.  The committee shall elect its own chair.  Elected members are Judi Maloney, (2018), Kay Hoff (2016), and Suzi Foster (2017).
Investment Committee This committee is responsible for the safekeeping, investment and reinvestment of all endowment funds.  Its authority is specifically set out in Article X. of the Fellowship By-laws.  This committee shall consist of three members selected by the Board, serving staggered three year terms, and two voting ex-officio members, the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair. Terry Hoyt (Treasurer), Nancy Bayne (Finance Committee Chair), Randy Wendt (2017), Faye Calvey (2016), Mel Hoff (2018).

Memorial Garden Committee This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Memorial Garden.  The committee develops landscaping, prepares a budget, maintains the records of the garden, and arranges for the memorial plaques.  There are three members of the committee serving three-year terms.  One member is elected each year at the annual meeting.  Members of the committee cannot succeed themselves according to the provisions adopted by the membership when the committee was established.
Teress Toigo (2016), Candace Zahn Cain (2018), and Nancy Bayne (2017).

Nomination Committee This committee of three members is selected at the annual meeting and is responsible for finding candidates for Board and certain committee positions at the following year’s meeting.  2016 members: Ted Rulseh, Terry Hoyt, and ?.

Auction Results

E2  -- Sushi Class- SHARON REILLY    Date:    TBD
    2    Pam and Rick Immler     
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Judi Maloney    
    1    Jana Mirs
E3  -- Guthrie Theater Outing        Joan Hauer    Date:  TBD
    1    Paul Braunstein
    1    Doris Eberlein
    1    Wambach    
E4  --Day Visit to the Little Farm Apple Orchard      Joan Hauer    Dater: TBD
    1    Kate Rahimzadeh
    1    Bev Strauss
    1    Bob Hanson

E5 – Pottery Workshop    Toni Polfus    Date: TBD
    1    Connie Lafebvre
    1    Candace zahn Cain
    1    Mary Beth O’Halloran
    1    Betsy Schussler    

E6  -- Game Night    Buehler, Sorensen    Date: 9/26 or 9/27
    1    Bev Strauss
    1    Connie Lafebvre
    2    Julie and Rick Wambach
    1    Randy Wendt
    2    Cheryl and Bob Hanson
E7  -- Pasta, Pasta!!          Mary Beth O’Halloran        Date: 11/14    
    2    Barb and Don Bratcher
    1    Randy Wendt
2    Cass and Don Roberts
2    Cheryl and Bob Hanson
1    Candy Sorensen

E8  -- Kayaking                Immler, Cain    Date: 7/19
    1    Hanson
    1    Kate Rahimzadeh
    1    Joan Hauer
    1    Pat Stanley
    1    Mary Beth O’Halloran
    1    RandyWendt

E9  -- Jane Austen Movie Nights     Jana Mirs    (all at 6:00 p.m.)
Emma        Date:  1/15/16
    1    Immler
    1    Judi Maloney
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Patty Buehler

Mansfield Park    Date:  2/11/16
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Candy Sorensen
    1    Immler
    1    Kay Hoff

Persuasion     Date:  3/11/16
    1    Judi Maloney
    1    Barb Mochon
    1    Immler

Pride and Prejudice    Date:  4/7/16
    1    Judi Maloney
    1    Patty Buehler
    1    Immler
    1    Toni Polfus

Sense and Sensibility    Date:  5/6/16
    1    Judi Maloney
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Immler
    1    Barb Mochon
    1    Patty Buehler

E10 – Crochet Class        Jana Mirs    Date:  TBD
    1    Barb Bratcher
    1    Toni Polfus
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Bev Strauss
    1    Immler    

E11 – Bread Making        Barb Bratcher        Date: TBD
    1    Jana Mirs
    1    Hanson            

E12 – Horse Care and Riding        Ardis White        Date:  TBD
    1    Jana Mirs
E13 – Salon        Cheryl and Bob Hanson    Date:    9/12
    1    Randy Wendt
    2    Doris Eberlein
    1    Toni Polfus
    2    Julie and Rick Wambach
    2    Patty Buehler
1    Joan Hauer
1    Kate Rahimzadeh
M1  -- Fish Fry and Boat Ride        Paul Braunstein    Date:  TBD
    1    Randy Wendt
    1    Mary Beth O’Halloran
    2    Julie and Rick Wambach    
M2  -- Champagne Breakfast Buffet        Fields, Foster        Date:  8/29
    2    Kay and Mel Hoff
    1    Bev Strauss
    1    Joan Hauer
    2    Cheryl and Bob Hanson    
M3  -- St. Patrick’s Day Dinner     Mary Beth O’Halloran      Date:  3/12/16
    2    Dick and Mary Ann Fields
    1    Randy Wendt
    1    Judi Maloney
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Bev Strauss

M4  -- Home Theater Experience and Dinner    Norris, Hoyt        Date:  TBD
    2    Barb and Don Bratcher
    1    Randy Wendt
    2    Mary Ann and Dick Fields
    2    Cheryl    and Bob Hanson
    1    Candy Sorensen

S1  -- Genealogy Research    Mary Ann Fields    Date:  TBD
    1    Frank Patin
S2  -- House Cleaning         Cathy Peterson     Date:  TBD
    1    Terry Hoyt            

S3  -- Yoga at Home        Betsy Schussler    Date:  TBD
    1    Candace Zahn Cain
    1    Hanson
    1    Bev Strauss
    1    Judi Maloney


Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
P.O. Box 1881
Woodruff, WI 54568-1881

Robert Hanson, President

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