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Newsletter of the Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Woodruff, WI
Volume 18, Number 2 – August 2016
We Are a Welcoming Congregation
None this month
Aug. 7th Rabbi Dan Danson- New Water in an Old Vessel:  Insights into contemporary American spirituality through the lens of Reform Judaism's new Yom Kippur prayer book.
Aug. 21st February Sky-Susan Urban and Phil Cooper
ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Adult RE meets at 10:00 AM on alternate Sundays from our regular service
Aug. 14th - Confucianism-Rituals and Relationships & Daoism-Harmony, Nature, and the Way.
Aug. 28th Kami and Spirits-Shinto and Shamanism & East Asian Buddhism-Zen and Pure Land
Men's Group – Tuesday Aug. 9th 6:00 P.M, at the Fellowship
Women's Group – Tuesday Aug.23rd 10:00 A.M., at the Fellowship
BUILDING YOUR OWN THEOLOGY - Pam Immler, Mary Beth O'Halloran and Candace Zahn Cain are planning a study group around the UU Program "Building your own Theology".  This pilot program probably be offered during a weekday morning meeting every other week. It is recommended to limit the group to about 12.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Candace czcain62@gmail.com. She will discuss days that will work best for everyone interested.

Social Activities/Hospitality Committee
Monthly Movie Night - Movie nights at the Fellowship are generally on the third Thursday of the month. This month it will be the fourth Thursday, August 25th.  We have had fun watching films together and hope to keep this going as a chance to get out and about.  Our pizza night movie was a great success as all the pizza was eaten.  Hope to see you on the 25th at 6:30 PM.  Movie hosts: Ann Sorensen and Terry Hoyt
Check our website calendar- www.nuuf.com for the movie title (subject to change and may not be listed too far in advance).
New artwork request. It’s that time to switch out artwork in the NUUF Gallery. If you have artwork to share, please contact Sharon to discuss.  reillyhi@earthlink.net.
Chamber After 5 (Thursday 8/18).  This fundraising event will be held this month at Dillman’s Bay Resort. The Lac du Flambeau Indian Bowl will also be featured during the event.  NUUF member Sharon Reilly will be giving an art demonstration on Asian Watercolor.  Also there will be free food, including sushi made by Sharon.  As the event name indicates the starting time is 5pm.
Where: 13277 Dillman's Way, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin 54538
(For GPS use: 3305 Sand Lake Lodge Lane. For postal mail use: Post Office Box 98)
Alzheimer Fundraiser – Culvers Woodruff, WI (Thursday 8/18)
Culvers, Hwy 51 in Woodruff, will be donating a part of all sales on August 18th to the local chapter of the Alzheimer Association.  The event is from 4-10 pm.  You can go to Culvers and then head to the Chamber After 5 event in Lac du Flambeau, the same afternoon.
In addition to the above event, Judi Maloney is looking for fellow participants to join a NUUF Team to participate in the
2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Rhinelander, WI (near the Movie Theater)
Alzheimer Walk continued - Registration begins at 9 am. The Walk starts at 10 am. Ceremony to follow.  Route length is 1-2 miles. Contact Marti Hall for more details about the walk if you would like to participate as an individual. Or you can also contact Judi Maloney (715-891-4362) to join the NUUF team. Click here for details
Request - Piano/Clavinova - submitted by Mary Beth O’Halloran
Our new keyboard is a valuable and sensitive instrument.  Recently it was left on indefinitely.  It is set to shut off after thirty minutes so continuous activation will not harm it.  Please do not override the automatic shut off.  To turn it on or off, make sure volume dial is all the way off (counterclockwise) before pushing grey on/off button.  Bring volume up gradually for use.  Be sure you have turned it off.  If you would like to learn to use it, Mary Beth will be happy to help you. Also, two small clips for using iPad with the Clavinova are missing from behind the Buddhist frame.  Please return them or let Mary Beth know where you have put them. Thanks for keeping our new instrument in good condition for the future.
NUUF Members Ed and Jeanine are looking for people who might want to rent their home on Bolton Lake in the Lac du Flambeau area for a weekend or week. Contact Jeanine at jeaninesemon@gmail.com if you know if anyone who may be interested.
Book Recommendations – submitted by Ed Stoever
In a newly published book, God’s Human Future, (May, 2016), author David Galston, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Brock University in Ontario and Academic Director at the Westar Institute, reviews the history of the creation and evolution of traditional Christianity’s concepts of God and Jesus Christ, and the traditions reflecting those beliefs. Although dealing at times with abstract thoughts and technical terms, the book is written in a popular style and is easily understood. The information and ideas presented are very pertinent to the status of religion in this country today, and well worth sharing and discussing. Galston’s stated hope is to encourage the consideration of the value of religion for the human future, with the understanding that religion is a human creation. “God’s future and the human future are the same thing, and as such, when we speak of theology we are speaking about God’s human future.” The book is published by Polebridge Press and is available from Amazon, Inc., as a book and in a Kindle version.
Another book explores WHERE DID WE COME FROM? (AND WHY?) The Big Picture, on the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself, by Sean Carroll, Dutton Press, 2016, 480 pages. This is an exciting and thought-stimulating book, and well worth reading. Sean Carroll is a philosopher. He presents a thorough readily comprehensible account of the development of scientific thought throughout the ages, and how this has led to a fairly complete understanding of how everything that comprises all that exists in the cosmos came to be, including us. This book is a, “Must Read,” for anyone interested in these subjects. It also compliments Galston’s, “God’s Human Future,” really well. Although not holding back from discussing complex topics such as Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s General Relativity, the author has done an excellent job of presenting these topics in language that is understandable by the non-physicist or philosopher and while the author, a “poetic naturalist”, demonstrates that everything that exists can have been created without the need of introduction of any external, “force,” such as God. That possibility is recognized even though there is no direct evidence of it. Also available at Penguin/Dutton and on Amazon.
Nancy and Perry Junkermann
Jerry Woolpy
Cathy Farrell and Tim Kratz
Rev. Robert Reed
Elinore Sommerfeld
David Foster
Janice Reed
Mary Rusak
Susan Knight
Jack & Joan Hafner
Jim Hall
Jeanne Reed
Joan Hauer  
Eliot Frost    
Candace Zahn Cain
Jim and Sue Ferguson           
Jeanne & Rev. Bob Reed
Dawn McCusker     
Cindy and Jim Rusak
Suzy and David Foster           
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