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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Volume 18, Number 9 – March 2017
We Are a Welcoming Congregation

March Speakers ….
March 5 : Rev. Denise Tracy
March 19 : Rev. Mary Beth O’Halloran

10am Adult RE meets alternate Sundays
March 12 : “How Jesus Became God”
The early Christians claim the Jesus of Nazareth was God completely changed
the course of Western civilization. In fact, without the Christian declaration of
Jesus as God, Westerns history as we know it would have never happened.
March 26 : “How Jesus Became God”

Men's Discussion Group : Thursday, March 16 at 6 pm
The men’s circle welcomes all members and friends of the Fellowship. Please bring a dish to
Women's Discussion Group : Tuesday, March 28 at 10 am
The subject of the discussion will be “Friendship(s) in the present day”

Science on Tap . Wednesday, Mar 1 . 6:30pm
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)
Presented by Michael Samuel, UW-Madison Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Emeritus
Minocqua Brewing Company
Tara and Jerry Concert : Saturday April 1 at 7 pm
Matt Watroba is first and foremost a community singer. He has the knack for picking the
perfect songs and stories for the audience concert, at a festival, in a library, in a school, or in
the park, you can count on a performance that will get you singing, make you laugh, and leave
you feeling a little bit better about the world we live in. Matt also works with award winning
performer Rev. Robert Jones, presenting educational programs that celebrate diversity
through the roots and branches of American folk music.
Email jerryw@earlham.edu for reservations.
Directions from Paul Bunyan’s on 51 in Minocqua: Take Old Highway 70 west one mile
to Dr. Pink on the left. Take Dr. Pink 0.8 mile south to Woolpy Dr on the right. Take Woolpy
Dr 0.3 mile to the end at 8395. Call 715 356 6276 if you get lost.

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Tom & Elinore Sommerfeld 03-02
Jan Anderson 03-02
Karin Schmidt 03-04
Tony Zoars 03-09
Iris Linder 03-10
Ed Semon 03-11
Dick Fields 03-12
Nancy Junkermann 03-12
Sally Back 03-12
Charles Reed 03-13
Walt Jones 03-14
Ginny Metzdorf 03-15
Nancy Bayne 03-16
Kayla Norris Demers 03-19
John Viste & Elaine Strite 03-21
Connie Downey 03-22
Sophie Singleton 03-22
Lara Tenório 03-23
Sally O'Brien 03-24
Dan Rondello 03-24
Rich Uspel 03-25
Terry Hoyt 03-27
Pat Bickner 03-29
Sophia Figueroa 03-29
Kayla and Jason Demers 03-30
Marti Hall 03-31

Our March newsletter is real basic. A quick read. The mid-winter months brought longer and more stories, therefore those editions of the NUUF NuusLetters were longer..
We reported on the annual celebration of a new year, MLK’s memory being honored by Lecia Brooks
who brought her refreshing tone to the Northwoods and talked of ways we can demonstrate respect
and tolerance. We began a new era within NUUF without the ever present person of Paul Braunstein.
We move forward with his warmth and spirit in our hearts. We honor the friendship and community
that he taught us. And we have reported on absorbing the new challenges of the abrupt changes facing
American Democracy.
Remember to send your prose, your announcements and updates (details) to cm@newnorth.net no
later than March 25. Be sure your copy is written exactly the way you want it to read, and that it can be
lifted (copy and paste) from your email to the April, 2017 Newsletter. Thank you everybody. Catherine

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