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Volume 18, Number 10 – April 2017
We Are a Welcoming Congregation


April Speakers ….
April 2 : Building Our Own Theology
For several months, a group of NUU fellows have studied various writings, and also reflected on their own journeys. This will be a most wonderful hour with carefully selected music, readings and personal sharing.

April 16 : Rev. Denise Tracy

April 30 : Rev. Mary Beth O’Halloran
Is It Pain Or Is It Suffering? Everyone experiences pain in their life, but is pain also suffering. Buddhism teaches all life is suffering. Some Buddhists also say pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. This service will explore several types of pain and how they affect our spiritual lives.

Adult RE meets alternate Sundays
April 9 : “How Jesus Became God”
The early Christians claim the Jesus of Nazareth was God completely changed the course of Western civilization. In fact, without the Christian declaration of Jesus as God, Westerns history as we know it would have never happened.

April 23 : “How Jesus Became God”


Men's Discussion Group. Tues, April 11 . 6 pm
The men’s circle welcomes all members and friends of the Fellowship. Please bring a dish to pass.
Women's Discussion Group. Tues, April 25 . 10 am
Everybody is welcome to join the circle for sharing on the day’s topic…


Science on Tap . Wednesday, Apr 5, 6:30pm
Wildlife in Wisconsin
Scott Craven, UW- Madison Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Emeritus
Minocqua Brewing Company

Matt Watroba in concert at Tara and Jerry’s . Saturday April 1 at 7 pm
Matt Watroba is first and foremost a community singer. He has the knack for picking the perfect songs and stories for the audience concert, at a festival, in a library, in a school, or in the park, you can count on a performance that will get you singing, make you laugh, and leave you feeling a little bit better about the world we live in. Matt also works with award winning performer Rev. Robert Jones, presenting educational programs that celebrate diversity through the roots and branches of Ameri-can folk music. Email jerryw@earlham.edu for reservations. Directions from Paul Bunyan’s on 51 in Minocqua: Take Old Highway 70 west one mile to Dr. Pink on the left. Take Dr. Pink 0.8 mile south to Woolpy Dr on the right. Take Woolpy Dr 0.3 mile to the end at 8395. Call (715) 356-6276 if you get lost.

Mark Dvorak Returns to Tara and Jerry’s. Listen & Learn Concert Saturday May 27 • 7:00 p

Beginning Guitar Workshop Sunday May 28 • 1:00 pm

Acoustic Guitar Styles Workshop Sunday May 28 • 4:00 pm

Mark your calendar for the May 27 Mark Dvorak concert. And look for more info about Mark in the NUUF May Nuusletter!

Tara Reed 04-03
Joyce Barnes 04-08
Ann Sorensen 04-12
Steven Cyra 04-13
Trish Kirk 04-13
Joe Strauss 04-14
Jessica Reupert 04-14
Nancy Young 04-15
Laurie & Nestor Figueroa 04-15
Doris Eberlein 04-16
Tony Dallapiazza 04-19
Aaron Rusak 04-20
Matthew Rusak 04-20
Stephanie Perkins & Gary Pajonk 04-22
Barbara Logan 04-23
Annamarie Beckel 04-28
Xylina Graf 04-30

Is your Birthday or Anniversary missing? Or do you see a mistake that can be corrected? If so, please contact
Candy Sorensen at (715) 892-2997 or sorencan@yahoo.com Thanks

Fifth annual Northwoods Sustainability Fair to be held April 22
The Fifth Annual Northwoods Sustainability Fair will be celebrated Wednesday, April 22, at the Newbold Town Hall, five miles north of Rhinelander on Wisconsin Highway 47. The Fair will feature exhibits and sales by sustainabilityminded community businesses and service providers and will be open free to the public from noon to 6 p.m. The Sustainability Fair is a day (make that Earth day), where we try to educate the public, entice the masses, and have a good time saving the earth. Sometimes we are unaware of what is out there and available in terms of products and services that can lighten your load on Mother Earth. Other times we are unaware that our actions can be harmful to the environment. There are booths for education, such as the DNR and Wild Life Instincts, and booths of local businesses who fall under the umbrella of green practices. At the fair you will find at least one farmer who uses permaculture and bio-dynamic practices, organic feed and seed supplier, home death and funeral provider and a organic food stand. We also have a solar company, a green builder, eco travel adviser, a local survival school, a 'mostly' organic gardening center, and new this year, is a homesteading booth. We would love a volunteer or two to help educate people on trash, recycling, and energy uses. In the evening we have live music, organic wine, beer, and speakers, including the Masked Biologist. We hope to see you there!
Contributed by Mike Haasl and Esther Dolphin.

Lecia Brooks, January 15, 2017
Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama
In mid-January, as most of you know, we hosted Lecia Brooks from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama. She flew into the Northwoods to speak about the never ending struggle for tolerance. Her speech, titled “The Struggle for Tolerance and Understanding in Divided Rural Wisconsin” was held in the large Nicolet College Learning Center in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr and was standing room only! We are fortunate to now have a full video so everyone can share her insight and wisdom. it can be viewed here.

President’s Message

Bob Hanson
Annual Meeting, scheduled Sunday, May 21, 2017. Adult R.E. will be cancelled that day.
The Board met last week and began review of our anticipated fiscal needs by looking over the draft budget given us by the Finance Committee. We will finalize next year's budget at our April Board meeting. In order to do so we need to gather spending recommendations from each committee. If anyone has an idea or a suggestion for next year that requires funding, please make certain to get it either to the appropriate committee or directly to a Board member.
One of our fun events is the annual auction where goods and activities are bought and sold. This year's auction was a great success as both a fund-raiser and a community-building activity. The Board wants to hold another auction this coming year and is seeking volunteers to organize and run the event. If you were involved last year and are willing to do it again it would be great! If you have not been involved in the tasks before, please consider volunteering to help out with this year's event. Please let a Board member know so we can be assured that the auction will continue.
As you know, we are a volunteer-run fellowship and we have places for everyone willing to share their energy and expertise. The Children's Religious Education position is vacant and our Webmaster would welcome a replacement. Our many committees have room for you. If you have an interest and a willingness to serve, please contact me directly. Don't
hesitate! Get involved!
Finally, be reminded that our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 21, 2017. It will begin at 11:30 am. with a pot luck luncheon followed by our business meeting at which we need a quorum of our members (proxy vote info will come out later). Mark your calendars! It's an important meeting.
Submitted by Bob Hanson, President, NUUF


This newsletter was intended to feature short biographies of some of our newest members. But that didn’t happen because the editor simply ran out of time. May will see some of those as well as some sharing from the BYOT class (Building Your Own Theology in the May Newletter (2017)
Remember to send your prose, your announcements and updates (details) to cm@newnorth.net by April 25 for the May Newsletter.. Be sure your copy is written exactly the way you want it to read, and that it can be lifted (copy and paste) from your email to the May, 2017 Newsletter. Thank you everybody. Catherine


For distribution of announcements between newsletters or email/address corrections, contact Candy Sorensen at sorencan@yahoo.com or Robert Hanson, President, president@nuuf.com

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