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Volume 18, Number 11 – May 2017
We Are a Welcoming Congregation


May 14 : Rev. Phil Sweet
May 28 : Rev. Erv Teichmiller

May RE meets alternate Sundays
May 7 : “How Jesus Became God”

The early Christians claim the Jesus of Nazareth was God completely changed the course of Western civilization. In fact, without the Christian declaration of Jesus as God, Westerns history as we know it would have never happened.

May 21 : No Adult RE .. Annual Membership


Men's Discussion Group . Tues . May 9 . 6 pm
The men’s circle welcomes all members and friends of
the Fellowship. Please bring a dish to pass.

Women's Discussion Group . Tues . May 23 . 10 am
The topic : “What is your Favorite Book? All are welcome to join the circle for sharing…

Side note – For some reason known only to the cyber-pranksters that lurk in computers, I have not
gotten all email that Candy has sent to NUUF members. I think there is more happening in the Month of
May. Here is information about the Hwy clean-up, Paul’s memorial, and the Mark Dvorak concert.

Hwy 47 pick up is Friday, May 12, 10:00 a.m. Thanks.
Call Connie Lefebvre 715-358-2470

Paul's Memorial Service will be
Saturday, May 20th at 11:00
with a fish fry to follow.

Mark Dvorak Returns to Tara and Jerry’s
Listen & Learn Concert
Saturday May 27 • 7:00 p
Beginning Guitar Workshop
Sunday May 28 • 1:00 pm
Acoustic Guitar Styles Workshop
Sunday May 28 • 4:00 pm
Email jerryw@earlham.edu for reservations.
Directions from Paul Bunyan’s on 51 in Minocqua:
Take Old Highway 70 west one mile to Dr. Pink on
the left. Take Dr. Pink 0.8 mile south to Woolpy Dr on the right. Take Woolpy Dr 0.3 mile to the end at
8395. Call (715) 356-6276 if you get lost.

Amy Kratz 05-05
Joan Hafner 05-08
Ethan Cummings 05-08
Toni Lieppert Polfus 05-09
Jim Ferguson 05-11
Jim Young 05-14
Julie White and Joe Holzem 05-16
Emerson Morris 05-16
Kate Egan Bruhy & Mark Bruhy 05-18
Kay Hoff 05-18
Solomon Wasko 05-19
Bev Strauss 05-20
Cheryl and Bob Hansen 05-21
Walt Jones and Natalia Graf 05-21
Jeanine Semon 05-25
Alan & Sharon VanRaalte 05-28
Carol Amour 05-28
Bob Dallapiazza 05-30

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The following Bio shorts were written by their owners some time
ago. The handwritten and printed copies made their way to Patty,
and she has handed them on to me a month ago. I know we have
more new members than the seven stories here. If any of you would
like to contribute, please let Candy or Patty know. We hope you
enjoy knowing a bit more about these NUUF not-so-newcomers.

David Barnhill
David grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as a generic, disengaged Protestant. He attended college and
graduate school on the West Coast where he studied Chinese and Japanese culture. Seeking a
religion that combined meditational practice, commitment to social justice, and freedom from
dogma, he became a Quaker. In 1986, with his wife Phyllis Schuit, he moved to North Carolina to
become a professor of East Asian religion and literature at a Guilford College, a Quaker school.
In 2003 he returned to the Midwest, accepting the position of Director of Environmental Studies at
U.W. Oshkosh. Retiring in 2015, he and Phyllis moved up to Hazelhurst to live in their beloved North
Woods. Though he had fantasies of a relaxed retirement, David finds himself an obsessive, full-time
social and environmental activist, and glad to have found a spiritual home with NUUF.

Joan Junge
Joan was born into a large family with 8 children in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Her folks moved the family to
California when she was 6, so Joan grew up on the California coast. When has a nursing degree and
served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, South America where her son Chris was born. Joan has
been practicing as Nurse-Midwife for 35 years and most recently in Alaska, delivering babies among
the Yupik Eskimos. Joan has 3 wonderful adult children who have mentored her on love, laughter,
resiliency and living well. Joan plans to begin a nursing position with the Lac du Flambeau health
clinic soon and she is very excited about working with a native community again.

Edward Carl Stover, Jr.
Ed was born March 13, 1926 in Milwaukee. He grew up there and in Wauwatosa, Duluth, and Elmhurst,
IL. He served in the U.S. Naval Air Corps 1944 – 1946, then attended Purdue University (B.S in
Science) then at University of Michigan (M.S., PhD in Geology) His main occupation has been as a
Professor of Geology, first at the University of Oklahoma (22 years), and at Southeast Missouri State
University (13 years). He also worked at times with the U.W. Geological Survey, the Oklahoma
Geological Survey, International Minerals and Chemical Corporation, and the National Science
Ed says he stumbled through Congregational, Methodist, Bible and United Church of Christ experiences
before finding NUUF. He currently resides in Rhinelander where he teaches and directs Bridge
lessons. He also volunteers as ER and Hospice as well as other activities to fill in the time such as a
Non-fiction Book Club, Learning in Retirement, etc. He first lived up north when as a 17 year old, was
a counselor at the YMCA Camp Manito-wish in Boulder Junction.
And he has been living up north for 17 more years but with 73 years of experience!

Jason Hoff
Baptized Methodist at birth, confirmed UCC as a teenager, and now an atheist, joining the UU
Fellowship seems like a natural next step for Jason. Jason moved to the Northwoods from Houston
TX to be near family and his girlfriend Ann. When he’s not working as an engineer from his home
office, Jason and Ann spend their days hiking, skiing, and working on their new home in Woodruff.

Joanne Bahcall
Joanne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a 2 year Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from
N.W.Milwaukee. Her first position was with the State of Wisconsin as a probation and parole agent in
Milwaukee. Following that she developed a private practice in Marriage and Family Therapy. After
moving to Minocqua she became the first State pf Wisconsin School Social Worker at Lakeland High
School for 7 years. Joanne enjoyed traveling with her husband internationally until 7 years ago when
he succumbed to Parkinson’s Disease.
She has volunteered in the Help Program at Howard Young Ministry Hospital the past 6 years; raised
and showed Old English Sheepdogs – two to their AKC Championships. In November she had a full
knee replacement, spent some time in Rahab at Rennes in Rhinelander, and is looking forward to
more time with the UU Fellowship for all of the many events, activities, and inspiring presentations.

Catherine Joppa
Catherine was born in eastern Kansas in 1944. Her family lived in very small towns in western KS, as well
as Wichita. She started college on a cello scholarship, but changed majors to become an Elementary
Education teacher. Her twin daughters were born in the last semester of college, and the women
they have become own her heart and they are now her teachers.
She has lived in many cities and states. There was a five year stint with Purdue U in West Lafayette, IN.
There was 10 year in the Chicago area, several in Boulder, CO and 10 in the Wash DC area. But the
most profound 10 years was that decade of living and working in Washington, DC. She taught with
DC public schools, and she was director of Health and Recreation in the Wash DC downtown YWCA
at 17th and K Street. The women employed by the YW were from everywhere! Those gals became life
friends. It was from sharing that they concluded three things : One, people are more alike than
different, Two, God is illustrated and imagined lots of ways, but seems to serve a similar purpose for
most faiths, and Three, prejudices in different part of the world, based on skin tone and hair
characteristics as well as economic ranking and religion – are still expressed through hate and
power’. The DC YW and the DC Schools taught her lessons never learned in school.
Catherine has had Multiple Sclerosis since she was 19. It affected life during the 10 years in DC, and the
disease has had it’s way with her in devastating ways in other seasons of her life. Often it was totally
in charge of her day to day and long term choices. She has been blessed with ever improving health
these past two decades. Finding the NorthwoodsUUF group has been a wonderful turn in her life.
The words spoken with the lighting of the chalice speak the true meaning of being a caring, good
person - and she is humbled to be a part of that culture.

Sophia Figueroa
Sophia was born in Milwaukee and lived there until we moved to Arbor Vitae. She went to the
Northwoods Community Secondary School, then to Gogebic College in Ironwood, then transferred
to Fox Valley Tech in Appleton. She is now in school for dual studies in Security and Asset Protection,
and Criminal Justice. Her curriculum is mostly done on line, but is at the Appleton campus
throughout the year for seminars, workshops and accelerated courses.
She is interested in going into the investigation field.

Well, this is my last NUUF newsletter (for the time being at any rate). It has been a
wonderful experience.
Several things make this group of people (the whole of NUUF) so special. The the
wealth of experiences, kinds of community services, and fellowship events are
matched by a comforting depth of caring about each other, about community and about the planet. As
editor of the NUUSLetter, I have had a chance to be on the front line to witness the variety and the
strength of caring and activism at the core of being a UU.
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