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Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A Beacon of Light in the Northwoods

Volume 19, Number 9 – March 2018

Northwoods Unitarian  Universalist Fellowship

8625 Peggy’s Lane, P.O. Box 1881, Woodruff, WI 54568

715-356-3908 ~ www.nuuf.com

We are a Welcoming Congregation UPCOMING SERVICES

Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

March 4 Rev. Denise Tracy

March 18 Ted Rulseh

April 1 Rev. Erv Teichmiller

April 15 Rev. Tony Larson

April 29 Rev. Mary Beth O’Halloran



Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. alternating with our regular Sunday services   

March 11, 10 a.m.,  Cara Hettich, pharmacist, will present a special powerpoint talk on the health benefits of marijuana.  All are welcome to attend this informative presentation.

March 25, 10 a.m., We return to our lecture series "Turning Points in American History" with  “Lecture 3: 1636 Freedom on Worship - Roger Williams” and “ Lecture 4: 1654 Yearning to Breathe Free — Immigration.”


Men's Discussion Group meets on Tuesday, March 13, at 6 p.m. at the Fellowship

All men of the fellowship are invited to attend this potluck followed by discussion led by Frank Patin. Volunteers are still needed to bring the main course and others need to bring a dish to pass as well as drinks of your choice. New members welcome. Contact Dick Fields, dmafields@yahoo.com, for more information.

Women's Evening Discussion Group meets Tuesday, March 13, at 6 p.m. at the Fellowship

All are invited to attend this discussion. New members welcome. Contact Natalia Graf-Jones, for more information.

Women's Discussion Group meets on Tuesday, March 27, at 10 a.m. at the Fellowship

All women of the fellowship are invited to attend this discussion followed by lunch. New members welcome. The topic of conversation will be “How do we help others?” Contact Mary Ann Fields, dmafields@yahoo.com, for more information.


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Pat Bickner 03-29

Sophia Figueroa 03-29

Kayla and Jason Demers 03-30

Marti Hall 03-31

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  • Frederick Place in Rhinelander has a sizeable number of dates open for meals. If you can help out with one of these dates you can either call Frederick Place at 715-369-9777 or email Tammy Modic at tammymodic.frederickplace@ gmail.com

  • Denise Tracy graciously agreed to guide us in Tai Chi Saturday, March 3, from 10 a.m.-noon at the Fellowship Hall. If you have been there before you'll probably recall the wonderful experience. If not, please come and enjoy the fun, joyful couple hours. No skills are needed, as some of us can attest. There is a nominal $10 fee for the class. Please contact Judi Maloney if you are interested,  jmaloney@frontier.com or 715-891-4362.

  • On March 4, Rev. Denise Tracy will preach on “The Book Of Joy” written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. If you would like to have a deeper experience get the book on CD or audiobook and listen to it. The voices communicate a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness that do not translate to the written page.

  • The next date that NUUF provides several volunteers at the Lakeland Food Pantry is Tues. March 6.  If you can help out from 8 -11:30 am, please contact Connie Lefebvre at 715-358-2470 or cnn.lef@gmail.com

  • This is a special rescheduled concert. Given the flu season we are especially cautioning those who think they may be contagious to protect themselves and others by staying home and taking good care of themselves. Given that Jerry is in chemo treatment for pancreatic cancer at the present time, this caution is also important to us. If you are well please come and enjoy!  (It's been way to long since we've all been together.) —Jerry & Tara

Matt Watroba returns to Tara & Jerry’s, at 6 p.m., Saturday, March 3, 2018

    Matt is our first and foremost community singer with a knack for picking the perfect songs and stories you can count on for fun evening. He’ll get you singing, laughing, and may even leave you feeling a little bit better about our world. Matt also works with award winning performer Rev. Robert Jones, presenting educational programs that celebrate diversity through the roots and branches of American folk music. Visit www.mattwatroba.net/home for more information.

    The Detroit Press wrote that Matt is what folk should be. Christine Lavin says, “Matt Watroba is one of those singers songwriters live for. He has terrific taste in music, possesses an outstanding voice and the ability to not only perform beautifully, but to teach audiences the songs as he sings them.”

    Email jerryw@earlham.edu for reservations. Directions from Paul Bunyan’s on 51 in Minocqua: Take Old Highway 70 west one mile to Dr. Pink on the left. Take Dr. Pink 0.8 mile south to Woolpy Dr. on the right. Take Woolpy Dr 0.3 mile to the end at 8395. Call 715-356-6276 if you get lost. This concert is sponsored by Tara Woolpy’s Bats in Boathouse Press. Her books will be available at the concert.

  • MidAmerica Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship (UUBF) Daylong Retreat, May 2018

    Mark your calendars so you can attend the first-ever, one-day MidAmerica Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship retreat,  May 5, 2018, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Lake County Unitarian Universalist Church in Heartland, Wisconsin (half hour west of Milwaukee).

    Rev. Zenshin Florence Caplow will be the keynote speaker.  Florence is the minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, and a Soto Zen priest and teacher in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage. She has been practicing vipassana and Zen for 30 years, is on the board of the UU Buddhist Fellowship, and is the co-author of the Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women.

    Join us for a day of comradery, meditation, dharma talks and discussion with other Unitarian Universalists interested in meditation, mindfulness and/or Buddhism.  Home stays will be available.  For more information and to be added to the email list, contact Terry Kinsey at mindful@unitytemple.org. To register follow this Link:  https://goo.gl/forms/7HOY1dXs 90EYbAWE2

Our NUUF Community

If you know someone who is interested in joining the Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, please contact Candy Sorensen at sorencan@yahoo.com or call 715-892-2997.  

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