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Volume 15, Number 6 –December 2013

We Are a Welcoming Congregation

Upcoming Services

Services are on alternate Sundays at 10 AM

December 1: David Foster: Wandering in the Wilderness I'll use the title Wandering in the Wilderness.   A road sign on Hwy M north of Boulder Junction says I live in "Wisconsin's Last Wilderness."   Dictionaries say wilderness is a place in which there is no human presence--how then can I be living in it?  And if I do, why is there a sign reminding me of that?   I want to deconstruct the term, asking how it got to mean what we take it to mean these days.  In particular I want to ask what value we impute to something called wilderness. Is there or has there ever been such a place?   What value does it have for us, that we should want to live in a place where humans shouldn't be living?  And if there are places that don't or shouldn't have human presence, what responsibilities do humans incur by actually living in it?

December 14: Music Committee: In Celebration of the Season. The Holiday Music service will be at 4:00 Saturday afternoon followed by a potluck dinner.  The service will include singing, readings, and instrumental music, all related to the various holidays of the season.

No Service on Sunday, December 15.

December 29: Barbara Logan Thank You, Pagan Romans, for Giving Us Christmas and New Year's Celebrations. Both Christmas and our New Year's celebration have their origins in ancient Roman celebrations. Learn how a Roman pagan harvest celebration was turned into Christmas. Find out how the Romans celebrated the New Year.


Adult R.E.: Adult RE is on alternate Sundays at 10 AM. We are studying "Why Evil Exists"

Dec. 8
35. The "Unnaming" of Evil
36. Where Can Hope Be Found?

End of course. Adult RE resumes in January.

Campanile Christmas Concert: NUUF members and friend, Patty Buehler, Dave Foster, Mary Beth O'Halloran and Tom Sommerfeld, will be singing in the Campanile Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 8, at 1 PM.

Home Concert at the Woolpy's: Wade Fernandez will be appearing at Jerry and Tara Woolpy's on Saturday, December 21 at 7 PM. Soaring from Menominee Indian Reservation roots, Wade knows how to both soothe and rock. With versatility, he honors tradition while forging ahead in an ever expanding world of music. Award-winning vocals, guitar, songwriting, native flute & drumming, all flow from deep within a rich blood memory, echoing his words, "Music is a very powerful gift to be returned and shared in a good way." Wade has played Woodstock in 1994, the Winter Olympics RSVP at jerryw@earlham.edu, admission $10 per person, all for the performer. Or call 715 356 6276.

Art Exhibit at Howard Young Medical Center: Jana Mirs and Sharon Reilly are currently showing their art in a group exhibit at Howard Young Medical Center through January 3, 2014.

Art Exhibit at the Presque Isle Library: This month's exhibit is entitled "Generations", featuring works from multiple family members. Elinore Sommerfeld is showing 2 of her pieces along with a piece by her great aunt.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Nearly 40 members, friends, relatives and co-workers joined us for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. We are thankful for the wonderful community and food we enjoyed.

From the President:

Winter came early this year. It was ten below zero at our home on Sunday morning! Is this normal? I don't think so. In the past it seems that Novembers were grey and cold - but not frigid. So, I imagine that some of you will be escaping to warmer climes sooner than expected.

Although our numbers fall off somewhat in the winter, our Fellowship remains very active. We will be having services on Sunday, Dec. 1 (David Foster), Saturday, Dec 14 (holiday music service), and Sunday, December 29 (Barb Logan). I hope that you can join us.

The Endowment Committee is in the process of receiving suggestions from the congregation for annual endowment fund grants. They would like members of the congregation to suggest local non-profit organizations whose work is in line with NUUF principles. If you will be taking a winter break from the Northwoods, it would be good if you could get your suggestions in to Sherry Zoars before you leave (zoars@copper.net). Suggestion forms will be sent out soon and will also be available on the NUUF website.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities we have plenty of opportunities for you to contribute. We are need for greeters on Service Sundays. There is a signup sheet in the kitchen. Please consider signing up.

We are still in need of a Chair for the Membership Committee. Contact John Viste if you are interested. It is a good chance to meet people and develop new friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! John

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