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Be The Bridge

Jeanelle Keck will present a panel describing their work in Be the Bridge. The panel of speakers will be on the zoom call and are looking forward to answering questions and interacting with us on Sunday zoom at 11am.

Be the Bridge was founded by Latasha Morrison, a woman of color to encourage racial reconciliation among all ethnicities, to promote racial unity in America, and to equip others to do the same. Jeanelle Keck has been participating in a chapter of this organization since 2018 in Decatur, IL. Jeanelle described her service in this way:

We are a group of women diverse in socio-economic status, racial make-up, work/life endeavors, church background and organized church participation. But we are unified in our desire for racial equity. We have participated in marches and other social justice awareness campaigns and now want to move from awareness into action and inspire others to take this journey.The vision is to further engage the community, religious and otherwise, to impact systems and see change as it relates to racial reconciliation.

In our talk, we (a panel of 4 women) will share our journey as laymen in the work of reconciliation. What we have learned, our unique challenges, our distinct approaches, our victories, maintaining group cohesiveness and what anyone who wants to enter into this work should consider.

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